Thursday, July 22, 2010

Paw Paw Jack -We Love, and will Miss You

Wow, I have been absent so long from my blog, I had forgotten my last post, pretty long ago. We have had many fun, family adventures this summer. I have many pics. and stories to share. One of them is a loss in our lives. I will share this today. This past Sunday, July 18th Brian's dad, (Jack, Paw Paw Jack, Paw Paw Jackie Joe, Smilin Jack) went home to be with his Jesus. He was ready to make that leap. He has struggled for a while now with his health and his body not working correctly, and at the end he would say, "I hear you calling me Lord". What faith, and marvelous perspective this man had. If you knew Jack you would have to give a little smile when hearing this because he was so matter of fact sometimes. He knew what he wanted and he got the job done, much and the same as my husband, wonder where he got that from? This quality that Jack gave him has made my husband into who he is today.

A little about this Paw Paw my kids knew and still know.
.He loved Isabelle and Ian with his whole heart. His other grand kids as well.
.He thought they were so special, the apple of his eye.
.He loved to give them "piggy food" as we all called it, to put in their piggies. This was coins/money for their piggy banks to spend on what they wanted. He loved to do this and divide up the coins among them.
.He loved to bring them surprises. He would buy little gifts here and there to give for not a special purpose, but of the purpose of, he loved them, and was showing them in that way.
.He liked to give treats, or candy to them. They liked to go to paw paws and get his pop-cycles. He had special ones.
.The kids loved to go to paw paws house and play. Even though his body didn't permit him to get up and play with them. He had toys, and of course lady dog the kids would chase through the house after.
.The kids loved their paw paw and I hope will always remember him in some way, maybe through a picture or memory.

This man I knew:
.He was a giving/generous man. I'm not sure he believed as you get older you don't get anything for your birthday or special occasions, because he always remembered mine even in my thirties. He never missed a birthday. I always got something special from him. Always a card and a little something special in the card. Even though I am in my thirties, it made me feel special that he thought about me on my special day, and was generous to me.
.He never forgot Brian and my Anniversary. We always got a card and usually something in the card. This year was special because he took us out as a family for our Anniversary. I remember it just like yesterday, even if it was a little over a month ago. He liked to make things special, and I know he was proud of his boy for celebrating 12 years.
.He treated me so sweet, just like a daughter.
.He liked to do little things here and there as he could, just to show he cared.
.He really loved God with everything that was in him.
.He had a love of music, which I would say both his boys do as well today.
.He loved to play the saxophone.
.Many more things I could share today, but will limit them.

We will miss his visits, and visiting him, but we know he is whole and well now. No more pain, or suffering for him, he is with his Jesus. I still see his smile in my mind, wondering if he is smiling down on us today. Love and miss you Paw Paw Jack, see you again some day.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Isabelle's End of Pre-K program!!

Isabelle has already had her end of the year program at school, even though she still has a week of school left. I could not have been more proud, or had a bigger smile on my face the whole time. I think being a parent is the most rewarding thing, sometimes!
She sang so loud, and did all the motions to the songs so well! They even sang a Father song to all the Father's, and a Mommy song. I have to admit this one brought tears to my eyes. I LOVED it! It was about being a mommy, and how we want our kids to be the best they can be, and how we look after them, oh, it just stole my heart. The best part was she was looking at me the whole time while singing. I was tearing up, but still smiling because I didn't want her to think I was sad. After all the great production by the kiddos, they had an emotional video showing the whole year, and the kids, and things they had done. It was great, we even got to bring home a copy of the video. It was a little sad to know that pre-K is almost over. She will be in Kindergarten next year, and at a new school, bigger school, double gulp.

Oh, how I love this little girl of mine, she has my heart, and always will. I love you baby doll!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Mother's Day fun.....2010

I had such a fun Mother's Day! I have the most wonderful, thoughtful husband, and amazing children. They let me sleep in on Saturday, even got to rest and watch a little tv in bed all by myself, while the aroma of bacon, eggs, biscuits, starbucks coffee, gravy filled the room. That's right, my favorite breakfast was being carefully prepared by my man, and my kids! This is a treat, because this is one of my favorite breakfast, and we don't indulge in it that often. My breakfast was made more special by Mother's Day cards, and Izze and Ian's decorative art papers! So special! After finishing the last drop of starbucks coffee, I received my next surprise, a "Family"/"Love" pendant to add to my family tree, and 10th anniversary pendants. This is my favorite necklace to wear. It's all about my family, and how special they are to me, and the memories I share with them. After such an amazing morning, it was off to shop. Yes, that's right. I had put in a request to shop a few days before, and my thoughtful husband made it happen. I got to go to one of my favorite places, and Brian helped pick out things, and was very patient through the process. So were the kids, most of the time.... lol. It was such a fun day to be a mommy, and to spend it with my favorite people. I love you guys so, so, much!! Thank you for my gifts!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ian's 3rd Birthday!!

A couple of weeks ago Ian turned 3! I know what you are thinking because, I myself was thinking the same thing, could this be. Yes, it is so,to my joy, and dismay all at one time. I know all parents feel the same way about their kids, so just bare with me as I brag on the most amazing little guy. He is such a joy to our lives. I remember the moment that Dr. Hager put him in my arms, I was wondering why he wasn't crying, if he was ok, she said he was perfect. He just looked at me, and seemed so content. I remember sleeping on the sofa with him for the first couple of months, and how he would sleep on my chest. He liked, and still does to this day like to cuddle and be close. I could sing to him and he would quiet down, or fall asleep. If I wasn't holding him he liked to be snuggled on the boppy pillow. For the first couple of months he only wanted to sleep in his car seat, and not in his bed, unless it was in the evening, then he did fine. This little guy of ours is so full of personality, life, energy, roughness, tenderness, wow, I am so glad the Lord give him to us! He lights up our lives! He likes to drum on everything, including walls. He will get his guitar out when music is playing. He sings to the top of his lungs anytime. I have to tell him in the stores to talk a little quieter, please. His biggest milestone to date, is POTTY TRAINING!!!!! Wow, I have been so blown away at how well he has done. We started last Wed, and he has done great! I am just so thankful! We are so glad we have been blessed with such a special, unique gift as our little Ian, thank you Lord for shining on us!

We had a family birthday party for Ian, the house was filled with family. Thomas the train is his favorite right now, so a Thomas the train cake, lots of presents, and love from family. We grilled hot dogs, and played and played. Ian got his first big boy bike, which he loved. We had such a great time celebrating our little guy! Thanks to all our family for coming!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cupcakes for the birthday boy.....!!

Following from my previous post, the night of Ian's birthday, we had just a little family party for Ian at home. (It wasn't big, because we were having a Big Family party in a few days, pics of this to follow in the next post). Ian picked out chocolate cupcakes, so we celebrated with these, and three candles on top. We also opened the presents from his little friends, since we didn't have time at the party. It was a great end to a great day celebrating our little guy turning 3! Thanks to all our friends for the presents!!! Everything was a hit!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ice Cream for the birthday boy.....

Our little guy turned 3 last week! It is amazing to me how time really seems to go by so fast. We had a little mom's group party for him, so he could celebrate with all his little friends. He loves all his little friends so much. We celebrated at chick-fil-a on NW Expressway. Perfect indoor play center for the kids to play. We bought all the kids ice cream to celebrate, so a lot of happy faces! Thanks to everyone who came out to help us celebrate Ian's birthday, and making him feel special!! The gifts were a special surprise as well. Thank you for being such great ladies in my life, and your kiddos for being great little friends for my kids!

Monday, April 26, 2010

OKC Arts Festival 10'!!

Sunday afternoon, we headed to the OKC Arts festival! We usually go every year, and Sunday was the perfect day to go. The kids were so excited to go, and check this Arts festival thing out. Of course we go for the food, but it is fun to walk around and look at the art, and check out the kids activities. This year, we headed to the food, which our pick was fried pickles, a chicken Gyro, and pizza for the kids, so... good. We then headed to the perfect place to sit/lay in the grass and relax, while the kids play. The grass on the hill was so green and soft, shaded by trees, perfect! We sat on a little hill, Izze had fun rolling down the hill as well. Down the hill they had set up three domes with ribbon all over them. They were handing out ribbons to the kids to play with or put on the domes. The kids played tug-of-war, and ribbons were everywhere. It was so relaxing and fun! Such a great time, even some friends joined us for this fun time.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ladybugs, Ladybugs....

Our mom's group went to the Botanical Gardens for their traditional "bug-out" event. This time they were releasing ladybugs on the plants, so that the ladybugs can eat the bugs that will eat on the plants. The kids and I each got a container of ladybugs, and I ending up releasing them with the kids looking on. They would hold one or two, and Ian even stepped on one. I was hoping that no cameras got that. There were all kinds of news people there, so...... After the ladybug release we explored the beautiful gardens, then on to crafts. Isabelle was all about the crafts. She colored three ladybugs, traced a butterfly, stickers, and on... it was such a fun time with our friends!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cookie Monster/Vist From Family!

Easter Sunday at PC, the kids got to see Elmo! Elmo was walking around the children's wing at church. The next week at PC, was cookie Monster. The kids were so excited!! Easter they hugged and hugged on Elmo, and Cookie Monster was just the same. They wanted to know who was coming the next week. Such a fun time!!

We also got a visit from Uncle Mike, Aunt Sunny, Jackson, & Goldie the week after Easter! The kids were super excited to see Jackson & Goldie. Jackson and Goldie got to see Cookie Monster too! After the experience we headed to Papa Jack's for lunch. It was a short time, but a nice time with them. Hope to see them again soon. Love you guys!